Storm Cellar is a literary journal of safety and danger. We place a special emphasis on the Midwest, but even more emphasis on amazing writing and art. We aim to display aesthetic ambition as well as the work of authors and artists who are under-represented in the Anglophone literary world. We want everybody to get weird and enlightened and learn and fall in love and have superpowers. We want to surprise and delight and horrify and provoke. Storm Cellar is not a distraction but a cure for boredom.

Two to three issues per year in print and ebook editions. Free samples up weekly-ish.

ISSN 2325-3835 (print)
ISSN 2325-3827 (electronic)


From its 2010 origin as a writers’ workshop and regional ’zine for the Champaign-Urbana area, Storm Cellar has sought out the best writing and visual art to share with the world. Its scope rapidly widened to include artists and anglophone writers from across the U.S. and internationally. From Vol. II No. 2 — the “Women” issue — onward, it has tackled substantive topics, directly or indirectly. But Storm Cellar is not wholly serious; whimsy and humor are recurring features in its pages. The magazine has come to embrace broad conceptions of quality in writing, an interest in nontraditional forms, themes, and styles, and risk-taking. In 2014 Storm Cellar‘s headquarters relocated to Milwaukee, and split to St. Paul & Philadelphia in 2016. A poem from Storm Cellar will be published in the Pushcart anthology for 2017.

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Sidney Taiko, Editrix / Publisher
Benjamin Goodney, Editor / Mgmt. / Net
Brandon Johnson, Assistant Editor, Poetry
Linda Stack-Nelson, Assistant Editrix, Fiction
Máiréad Beeson, Assistant Editor, Fiction
Dina Folgia, Assistant Editrix, Poetry

Jake Bailey, Assistant Editor, poetry.

[contact: stormcellar dot editor at gmail]


Cameron Miller (Asst. Editor)
David Heinrich (Intern)
Jamie Newell (Editrix / Photography)
Lindy Wheatley (Editrix)
Michael Galvan: (Asst. Editor)
Robin Hunter (Asst. Editrix)
Kate Carsella (Asst. Editrix)
Andrew Ruzkowski (Reader)
Meghan Barrett (Asst. Editrix)
Madison McCartha (Poetry Editor)
Jacqueline May Parkison (Asst. Editrix)
Ashira Shirali (Asst. Editrix)