Lynda Sexson: Wrecking Ball

A short story we’re trying to figure out, funny as that is, it’s Lynda Sexson’s “Wrecking Ball.”

Lynda Sexson - Wrecking Ball [sample]

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Scott Weaver: The Power Goes Out After the Blizzard of 1981

A poem for we who are a little desolate even with those loved around, as one might be at this festive season of the year — Scott Weaver’s “The Power Goes Out After the Blizzard of 1981.”

Scott Weaver - The Power Goes Out After the Blizzard of 1981 [sample]

This poem originally appeared in Storm Cellar 2.3. Be of good cheer and get yourself a full issue! We’ll gift wrap a subscription, too. Read on!

Christopher James: Wisdom

We all fall one time or another, and who can blame us for keeping our good humor and re-trying the impossible? Let us absorb, therefore, Christopher James’ “Wisdom“:

Christopher James - Wisdom[sample]

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F.J. Bergmann: Retrograde

Sighted in the starry sky of the archive, here’s a poem by F.J. Bergmann for uncanny eyes: “Retrograde,” originally published in SC 2.3.

F. J. Bergmann - Retrograde[sample]

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Jacquelyn Bengfort: The Mathematician

We’re all fairy tale and escape. We’re science and math and logic and possible. These things are not exclusive. You can go there too, with Jacquelyn Bengfort‘s “The Mathematician” from vol. II no. 3:

Jacquelyn Bengfort - The Mathematician [sample]


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