David Lewitzky: Waltz Notes

From our antediluvian past (i.e. two years ago) steps the passing fair “Waltz Notes,” sent to us by the kindness of David Lewitzky.*

David Lewitzky - Waltz Notes[sample]


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John Abbott: Asylum Lake

Get away from whatever slumps your July. Refresh. Seek “Asylum Lake” by John Abbott, sluiced down from our archives:

John Abbott - Asylum Lake [sample]

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J.R. Kangas: two poems

Heading into a firework, here’s a reminder that light comes in bottles and jars and streams and faraway satellites. Drawn up from the archives, we’re so happy to present J.R. Kangas’ “Luminescence” and “Big Moon”:

J. R. Kangas - Luminescence; Big Moon [sample]


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Joan Colby: John the Baptist of the Summer Solstice

Long days, long days. Resurrected from the archive, Joan Colby’s “John the Baptist of the Summer Solstice“:

Joan Colby - John the Baptist of the Summer Solstice [sample_Page_1] Joan Colby - John the Baptist of the Summer Solstice [sample_Page_2]


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Brendan McDonnell: The Prophet

Raised from the archives like a ghost at a séance, here’s an early favorite of ours from Storm Cellar vol. II no. 1, Brendan McDonnell’s “The Prophet“:

Brendan McDonnell - The Prophet[sample][continue reading…]

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