Dominika Bednarska: Light Moves

Rising from the archive like giant kelp from the continental shelf, here’s “Light Moves,” by poet & performer Dominika Bednarska [>>].

Dominika Bednarska - Light Moves [sample]


“Light Moves” appeared in SC 2.2 — our first “Women” theme issue. Consider supporting Storm Cellar by purchasing an issue in print or ebook format: over here. Read on!

DonnaMarie Girouard: Shhh

It’s hot and summer, drooling season. This essay is about knowing when — and why — to keep your mouth shut. So let’s not over-talk the intro. Donna Girouard says “Shhh”:

Donna Girouard - Shhh [sample]


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“Shhh” appeared in Storm Cellar 2.2, our “women” theme issue (yes, with scare quotes). Download it from our store, and support our authors. Read on!

Melissa Dias-Mandoly: The Fly

In fact the mutant is happy in a world of mutants. In fact in extreme close-up the alien turns out to be just another planet. In fact if you read this you may be launched into outer space. It’s Melissa Dias-Mandoly’s “The Fly”:

Melissa Dias-Mandoly - The Fly [sample]

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Marianne Mckey: Picture

We all have our mobiles and portable computing devices now, don’t we? Yet there is so much that is beyond their capabilities. We’ve been taught to soap and perfume and scrub and scent, haven’t we?  Yet so little of the world benefits from mediation. Originally published in SC 2.2 — the “women” issue — here’s “Picture” by Marianne Mckey: Marianne Mckey - Picture [sample]

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Angela Woodward: Freedom

It’s May, the time when all right-thinking individuals’ minds turn to but one topic: final exams. Here’s a textbook example of amazing, by End of the Fire Cult author Angela Woodward [>>]. Originally published in SC 2.2, our first “women” theme issue (yes, with scare quotes). Here’s “Freedom”:Angela Woodward - Freedom[sample]

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