Diane Henningfeld: Snatches

Struggle continues. On this anniversary, we present a poem by Diane Henningfeld, originally published in SC 2.2: “Snatches.”

Diane Henningfeld - Snatches [sample]

Joan Colby: What Is Saved

Today’s rescue from the archives is Februarial poetry on loss and stop-loss, from two-time contributor Joan Colby, “What Is Saved“:

Joan Colby - What Is Saved[sample]

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Lindsey Gates-Markel: Monologue

Growing up, or growing blind, or something in between, an unavoidable consequence of autonomy, don’t you think? From our first theme issue, “women,” comes Lindsey Gates-Markel’s short fiction “Monologue.”

Lindsey Gates-Markel - Monologue [sample]

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Sandra Faulkner: Pacifier Ode

And who does not love a tiny snowsuit? And who cannot hear the tinny shriek of the overburdened mother just trying to grab some pasta at the supermarket? We don’t know. We don’t know. We need saving most days. And here’s a verse for you, babies, Sandra Faulkner’s “Pacifier Ode.”

Sandra Faulkner - Pacifier Ode [sample]

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Merry American Thanksgiving, friends. Read on!


Justine Chan: Mastermind

Today we’re sneaking in a prose poem from SC 2.2 by multitalented artist Justine Chan: “Mastermind.” We hereby award this poem the Best Use of Shoulderhorse Award. Seriously:

Justine Chan - Mastermind[sample]