Andrew Cox: Arkansas Poem

At Storm Cellar, the hits keep coming, and maybe you bleed into your eye a bit, but it’s fine, it’s fine. We’re so happy to share from the vault today a poem by Andrew Cox, which may or may not cast an Ozarklian shadow: “Arkansas Poem.”

Andrew Cox - Arkansas Poem [sample]

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Mark Ward: A School Photograph

Happily today we have a composed and RA-4-compliant phenomenon for your absorption, a quick look at boyhood in a certain regard: Mark Ward’s “A School Photograph.”

Mark Ward - A School Photograph [sample]

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Todd Osborne: How to Cook

It is an indulgence this morning to offer from our pantry this sixwise instructional: Todd Osborne’s “How to Cook.”

Todd Osborne - How to Cook[sample]

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Roberta Hatcher: American Notebook

To our worldwide Anglophone friends, please allow a moment of indulgence. From our archive, a dulcet-piquant remembrance all well-aware and well-founded in its multifaceted tremolo: Roberta Hatcher’s “American Notebook.”

Roberta Hatcher - American Notebook [sample]

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Jeff Burt: I Am Homeless

Welcome, 2015 and winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. There are those among us who have less, whose desire has been honed down, oh, so far. Let us look, really look. Consider this short essay on being displaced, from our latest issue, Jeff Burt’s “I Am Homeless—Twelve Steps“:

Jeff Burt - I Am Homeless—Twelve Steps[sample]

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