Beth McDermott: Strip-Mall Bakery

The corn is waist-high even up here in the upper midwest, O Doughty Readers, high up over our uppers, and we’re well aware of the eerie aerial view of the landscape, yes we are, young as we are. Today’s share from Beth McDermott lays it all out:

Beth McDermott - Strip-Mall Bakery [sample]

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Jim Davis: two poems

The rubber plant, by the bay window looking over the canal that wears illegible graffiti and transmission parts like a quilt, is perking. This week’s share comes from Jim Davis (no not that one): “Standard” and “Please Do Not Use This Toilet (If Possible).”

Jim Davis - two poems [sample]2


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Tasha LeClair: Exploded View

What is inside this growing thing under all this sun heaped up on the plains? Let Tasha LeClair answer with this story, “Exploded View,” originally published in SC 4.1:

Tasha LeClair - Exploded View[sample]

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Leah Christianson: Call Your Daughter

This week our share is Leah Christianson’s touching story “Call Your Daughter.” Forward this to your dad. Or your mom. Or your daughter. Or whoever needs it.

Leah Christianson - Call Your Daughter[sample]

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Jenna Rindo: Once in a Hospital in Madison

That which we look away from routinely, having forgotten its horror. That which is nauseatingly inevitable. Reader, we want to look away and look and look with you. We’re honored to share this poem by Jenna Rindo, “Once in a Hospital in Madison“:

Jenna Rindo - Once in a Hospital in Madison [sample]

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