Matt Muilenburg: The Leadoff Men

They say not to introduce a new product in August; we remember hearing that some time ago, dear Reader. Let us reintroduce an old idea and wrestle with it, then. Lately, we have seen permanent things become impermanent. Today we’re raising from the archive Matt Muilenburg’s “The Leadoff Men”:

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This nonfiction piece originally appeared in SC 5.2. Pick up the magazine here, download the ebook, and of course: subscribe! Keep reading, dear Reader: read on.

Jim Davis: two poems

The rubber plant, by the bay window looking over the canal that wears illegible graffiti and transmission parts like a quilt, is perking. This week’s share comes from Jim Davis (no not that one): “Standard” and “Please Do Not Use This Toilet (If Possible).”

Jim Davis - two poems [sample]2


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These poems originally appeared in SC 4.1. More print issues/ebook editions here. Breathe outside air today, read on!