The 2023 Force Majeure Flash Contest is still open!

We’re awarding $500 in prizes and the deadline is 5/30 — just extended. Enter with fiction, creative nonfiction, hybrids, fragments, experiments, and wild things under 1000 words. Here is a link to the entry form on Submittable that also contains the full guidelines.

Noah Farberman – Grown Ass Person

Today’s share was — is, is — an honorable mention in our 2020 flash contest, and we’re still feeling all adult about it. Here’s Noah Farberman’s “Grown Ass Person”:

This flash originally appeared in SC #9.1, available in print and ebook formats in our store.

2020 Force Majeure Flash Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Force Majeure Flash Contest! This year’s contest included hundreds of entrants presenting dazzling approaches to the short form. We were blessed with a tough choice between many strong flashes, and thank everyone who participated so, so much!

The winners:

1st Prize to Negesti Kaudo for “The One Where My Femme Swallows You Whole”

2nd Prize to Stephanie Niu for “A Guide to What Lives Between Land and Sea”

2nd Prize to Taylor Drake for “Rumination”

Honorable Mentions: Suphil Park, “Heartland”; Noah Farberman, “Grown Ass Person”; and Rebecca Morton, “I Remember Meeting You, My Son Says While Trying on Big Kid Shoes; I Pull and Pull at the Tongues, I Remember Meeting You, Too”

These flashes will appear in Storm Cellar Vol. IX No. 1, coming this winter. Look out for it!

Chila Woychik: The Importance of Air

The 1st Prize winner of our 2019 Force Majeure Flash Contest is this gem by Chila Woychik [>>], “The Importance of Air.” Enough of us, get to reading!

This flash appears in Storm Cellar #8.2, nicknamed “Sisal,” available in delicious print and ebook editions in our store. Read on!