Kat Gonso: Daniel

We’re delighted to bring you a flash piece from our latest issue, #6.3: here’s Kat Gonso’s biting, antediluvian “Daniel.”

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These last months have been amazing. More issues sold and downloaded, and more submissions, than ever before. You, our audience, fan base, aspiring publicants: thank you!

Olly olly oxen, readers: it is a proven fact (void where prohibited) that buying the latest issue of Storm Cellar improves your love life, pore size, and chances of being rad forever.

We don’t slow down in the summer. If anything, we pick up the pace. So get in quick, submitters — we’re finalizing issue 4.1 even as we type, because danged if we haven’t been reading just a crazy flood of subs.

Hearts in the dark

Dear Reader,

Here’s wishing you well for the winter solstice and the new year, and any holidays you might like to add in there as well. (Up to and including Burns Night, o’course.) Or to put it another old way, Yuletide Greetings!

It’s been a year of two great issues (2.3 and 3.1) containing phenomenal work from stylistically varied artists and writers. Just the way we like it. Storm Cellar gets better and better, and we couldn’t do it without you all, writers and readers alike.

We’ve received so many well-wishes and lovely submissions this year, it’s hard to believe. Thanks. We’re so grateful we’re not even going to plead with you to donate money in any amount via PayPal to stormcellar.editor@gmail.com.

Nor will we ask you to buy or download a copy of the magazine just because it’s ah-mazing. That would be crass of us.

It’s going to be a job of work to do everyone proud for a whole ‘nother year, but we’re up for it! We’ll work like svartálfar. So: thanks. And: here’s to more Storm Cellar!

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Sidney, Ben, Lindy, Robin, & Michael

Thanks… Super thanks.

We appreciated everyone’s super-powered submissions. They were great, and we had a hard time narrowing them down to just a few for publication. This is just to express our grattitude, and also to remind you that the next issue is on its way. Read on!

The world never ends…

Hey readers and authors,

Thank you all so much for your continued support this year. As we pass the solstice and the New Year, we’re wishing y’all a happy holiday of your preference (or even two or three, if that’s how you like it).

Send us some of your best writing, ‘kay? Danger, or safety, or a combination, or neither, really, or maybe some kids trapping and melting Frosty, we don’t know. What surprised you when you wrote it?

New issue in the heart of winter, specifically the left ventricle. Have a browse in our archive on the house. Internet cocoa and marshmallows all around!

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