Lindsey Gates-Markel: Monologue

Growing up, or growing blind, or something in between, an unavoidable consequence of autonomy, don’t you think? From our first theme issue, “women,” comes Lindsey Gates-Markel’s short fiction “Monologue.”

Lindsey Gates-Markel - Monologue [sample]

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Sarah Stanton: Swarm

Repopulated from the archive after an ominous rest, here’s a poem for chilled clouds and chained winds, Sarah Stanton’s “Swarm”:

Sarah Stanton - Swarm [sample]

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Elaine Moynahan: Snapshot

The boxes are open, the sweaters unfurled, the trees all watered finally, the children (grown now) napping anyway. An album in a drawer, a frame on a lintel. Enjoy Elaine Moynahan’s delicate “Snapshot“:

Elaine Moynahan - Snapshot [sample]

This poem originally appeared in Storm Cellar 2.3; get a copy, or the latest issue, from our store. Read on!

Lynda Sexson: Wrecking Ball

A short story we’re trying to figure out, funny as that is, it’s Lynda Sexson’s “Wrecking Ball.”

Lynda Sexson - Wrecking Ball [sample]

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Scott Weaver: The Power Goes Out After the Blizzard of 1981

A poem for we who are a little desolate even with those loved around, as one might be at this festive season of the year — Scott Weaver’s “The Power Goes Out After the Blizzard of 1981.”

Scott Weaver - The Power Goes Out After the Blizzard of 1981 [sample]

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