Preorder SC 2.3

Storm Cellar vol. II no. 3, nicknamed This Bird Will Die, is now available for preorder. We expect delivery of ebooks and print copies to commence on March 15th. Our electronic delivery system is much faster than the physical one. Buy at Etsy: paper, electric.

New prose, poetry, and art by Lisa E. Balvanz, Jacquelyn Bengfort, Eleanor Leonne Bennet, F. J. Bergmann, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Jenny Ferguson, Ira Joel Haber, Christopher James, Elaine Moynahan, Nicole Oquendo, Charlotte F. Otten, Janeen Rastall, Lynda Sexson, Sarah Stanton, Scott Weaver, Jesse Wells, Alida Winternheimer, and Angela Veronica Wong.

Storm Cellar vol. II no. 3

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