Earth Day, a Sale, Super &c.

It’s that time of year again where we remember why we love this shabby old rock.

PDFs of previous issues are on sale for $.99 this month!

We love reading all of the superhero-ish submissions. If we get enough, we’ll put them in a special section in the Fall issue (3.1). So do you have a comics fetish or a super-y tale? (Any kind of superheroine or -hero up to and including metaphorical.Send us awesome stuff!

April is the Discount Month

Hey Readers,

First of all, how are you-all? Really, we mean it, babies. Tell us all your verse-y little thoughts. It’s Poetry Month, babies, and we want to get our hot hands inside your prosody. Let it all out. What’s that, you wrote some prose about a weirdo superhero? You go!


"Dove of Peace" by Eleanor Leone Bennet, from Storm Cellar vol. II no. 3.
“Dove of Peace” by Eleanor Leone Bennet, from Storm Cellar vol. II no. 3.

Preorder SC 2.3

Storm Cellar vol. II no. 3, nicknamed This Bird Will Die, is now available for preorder. We expect delivery of ebooks and print copies to commence on March 15th. Our electronic delivery system is much faster than the physical one. Buy at Etsy: paper, electric.

New prose, poetry, and art by Lisa E. Balvanz, Jacquelyn Bengfort, Eleanor Leonne Bennet, F. J. Bergmann, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Jenny Ferguson, Ira Joel Haber, Christopher James, Elaine Moynahan, Nicole Oquendo, Charlotte F. Otten, Janeen Rastall, Lynda Sexson, Sarah Stanton, Scott Weaver, Jesse Wells, Alida Winternheimer, and Angela Veronica Wong.

Storm Cellar vol. II no. 3

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Preoder SC 2.2 – by women, for everyone

Reserve your copy of our new issue today — featuring: fiction by Angela Woodward, Jacqueline May, Sybil Baker, and others; nonfiction by Jennifer Clark and DonnaMarie Girouard; poetry by Mercedes Lawry, Dominika Bednarska, Karen Neuberg, and others; and a photo portfolio by Emma Powell.

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