SC vol. III no. 2 OUT NOW!

Storm Cellar issue 3.2 is officially live. We’re exhausted, and it’s spring outside. The orbit of the Earth around the Sun is the best, isn’t it? Everything in this issue is compact amazement. Like goji berries. Or a miniature clockwork rap battle. Or (this is a real thing) baby dolphins’ mustaches. Purchase your copy here, download here, get the super-mega-deluxxe package of all vol. III here.
Cover by CJ Nye: “An Arrangement Between Hirst and Lalique”

This issue’s contributors:
Grace Bauer, Sara Biggs Chaney [poem sample], Jan Carson, Steve Coughlin, Vanessa Couto Johnson, Scott David [story sample], Stephanie Dickinson, John Gifford, Allison Grayhurst, Kelsie Hahn [flash sample], Justin Hamm, Tom Howard, Amorak Huey [poem sample], Andrew Johnson, Noah Kucij, Eleanor Levine [flash sample], Ben Langston [CNF sample], Jennifer Markell, Tanya Muzumdar [poem sample], CJ Nye [cover][>>], Holly Painter, Joel Peckham, Simon Perchik [poem sample], Frank Roger [graphics 1, 2, 34][>>], Don Russ, Laura Story Johnson [back cover][>>], Amy Schmidt, Shelby Stephenson, Skaidrite Stelzer, Amanda Tumminaro, Amanda Watters.

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Sidney T. Sheehan
Benjamin Goodney
Robin Hunter
Michael Galvan
The Storm Cellar Crew
“If You Have the Words” by Laura Story Johnson

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