John Gifford: three flashes

Added to the archive today we’re happy to share John Gifford’s three flashes “Worms,” “Wish You Were Here,” and “Even Lifetime Warranties Have Expiration Dates” — now included in Wish You Were Here (Big Table, 2016):

John Gifford - three flash stories [sample]

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Steve Coughlin: Ernest Medley’s Situation

Today we’re delighted to pull up from the archive this fiction, which may or may not remind us of one of our New Year’s resolutions, by Steve Coughlin: “Ernest Medley’s Situation.”

Steve Coughlin - Ernest Medley's Situation [sample]

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Meredith Summers: Loose Lips Ruin Invasions

Readers, today we’re sharing, for your eyefeasting, from issue 3.1, a glistering flash by Meredith Summers, “Loose Lips Ruin Invasions“:

Meredith Summers - Loose Lips Ruin Invasions [sample]

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Katie Johansen: two CNF flashes

It’s a rough edged front rolling in, though they say this winter’ll be milder than last. Today from the archive we’re proud to provide these brief creative nonfiction pieces by Katie Johansen, from SC 3.1, “Hard Candy” and “Delicate”:

Katie Johansen - Hard Candy; Delicate [sample]2

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Joel Peckham: Phys-Ed

O Reader, the Autumn pops of collar bones and skull bones colliding are amongst us. Or is that rugby? Nevertheless, join a third and more exuberant sport with this blue-ribbon prose poem by Joel Peckham from the archive: “Phys-Ed.”

Joel Peckham - Phys-Ed [sample]

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