Meredith Summers: Loose Lips Ruin Invasions

Readers, today we’re sharing, for your eyefeasting, from issue 3.1, a glistering flash by Meredith Summers, “Loose Lips Ruin Invasions“:

Meredith Summers - Loose Lips Ruin Invasions [sample]

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Katie Johansen: two CNF flashes

It’s a rough edged front rolling in, though they say this winter’ll be milder than last. Today from the archive we’re proud to provide these brief creative nonfiction pieces by Katie Johansen, from SC 3.1, “Hard Candy” and “Delicate”:

Katie Johansen - Hard Candy; Delicate [sample]2

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Eric Prochaska: Guts

Today a fiction lifted down from the top shelf of our archive, the twisty fillet of Eric Prochaska’s “Guts“:

Eric Prochaska - Guts[sample]

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Nicholas Miller: Unbending

We are fans of magical thinking, and we are fans of thinking magic. Conjured from the archive today: Nicholas Miller’s telekinetic flash, “Unbending.”

Nicholas Miller - Unbending [sample]



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Philip Kobylarz: Preaching to the Converted

We’re delighted to present, today, this flash fiction by Philip Kobylarz, “Preaching to the Converted”:

Philip Kobylarz - Preaching to the Converted [sample]


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