Jennifer A. McGowan: Excuse Me, Mr. Sandburg

We’re so brightened, on a low-slung cloudy a.m., to lift from the archive a little piece of brass-and-pillow response to old Carl‘s call — from SC 3.1, it’s Jennifer McGowan‘s “Excuse Me, Mr. Sandburg.”

Jennifer A. McGowan - Excuse Me, Mr. Sandburg [sample]1


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John Palen: Biophilia on the Middle Fork

Spring lions off, it lambs out, with harsh and unforgiving burgeoning. Let’s wade into John Palen’s barefooted compromise, “Biophilia on the Middle Fork“:

John Palen – Biophilia on the Middle Fork [sample]

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Kimberly Prijatel: For he awarded golden fleece

The longest journey breaks us up. We sift for precious elements. One hand for yourself and one hand for this selection from the archive, Kimberly Prijatel’s “For he awarded golden fleece“:

Kimberly Prijatel - For he awarded golden fleece[sample]

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Doug Bolling: Measurings

Winter has its depths, its benthic cold — or what we imagine to be cold after the manner of the unlit deep, which is really quite steady temperature-wise. What’s cold is the wind coming over the mountain. You’ve been there. Here’s Doug Bolling’s lonsdalite poem “Measurings“:

Doug Bolling - Measurings[sample]

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Autumn Jackson: Mis-Delivery

At this packaged and boxy time of the year, let’s cut the tape and peer inside this fiction from Storm Cellar 3.1, Autumn Jackson’s heartsomething tale of “Mis-Delivery.”

Autumn Jackson - Mis-Delivery [sample]

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