Aaron Anstett: Onlookers

If the worst, most spectacular thing threatens, should we root for it? Jump-scaring us from behind the door to the archive, it’s Aaron Anstett’s “Onlookers“:

Aaron Anstett - Onlookers [sample]

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George Eklund: Sketch in Early Fall

Descending gently from the archive, comes now George Eklund’s “Sketch in Early Fall,”originally published in SC 3.1.

George Eklund - Sketch in Early Fall[sample]


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Jennifer Kovelan: Winter Clutch

You know where has a foot of snow on the ground still? Minnesota!

Jennifer Kovelan shows a way out:Jennifer Kovelan - Winter Clutch[sample][continue reading]

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Xenia Taiga: Bam! Biff! Pow!

With AWP season upon us, let’s all gather ’round to enjoy this brief entertainment from Xenia Taiga: “Bam! Pow! Biff!” — and remember that bags full of heavy books can be used to fend off aging professors and hipster doofuses too.

Xenia Taiga - Bam! Pow! Biff!

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Amber Edmondson: Here, Together, We Breathe

Well so we had a polar vortex. Well so it’s ice and all. Some believe that time repeats. Well so then, we remember the future too.

Amber Edmundson’s “Here, Together, We Breathe” is like that. Obtain all its printed glory here, or download a PDF (or both!).

Amber Edmundson - Here, Together, We Breathe[PNG]

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