Issue #7.1 Out Now

The new new issue of Storm Cellar is “Back Fire” — a fire used to fight another fire by stealing its food — out now! Check it over here. Vol. VII no. 1 has hot baths, falling lizards, crossed lines, apples, immigrants, secrets, blackouts, needles to the neck, and a lot of offspring. Plus the winners of our 2018 flash contest!


Featuring FICTION by Haley Fedor, Jeff Frawley, Ann Marie Gamble, and Peter Krumbach; FLASH by Zoe Canner, Gen Del Raye, Rosemarie Dombrowski, Tracy Ann Johnson, Francine Witte, Jennifer Lynn Krohn; NONFICTION by Sophia Terazawa and ali lanzetta; POETRY by Henry Goldkamp, Autumn Hayes, Maj Ikle, Asa Montgomery, and Konstantin Nicholas Rega, and IMAGES by Kari Bell, Michael Chaney & Sara Biggs Chaney, Dallas Crow, Harshal Desai, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Junzimeizhi, Dana Kroos, Keith Moul, Jessy Randall & Suzie DeGrasse, and Timka Szőke.

This issue of Storm Cellar is available as an ebook or in print format from our store.