Stephanie Dickinson: two flashes

…And now a phantasmagoriad of flash creative nonfiction, one of which we nominated for a Pushcart last year, Stephanie Dickinson’s “Big-Headed Anna Making Soap” and “Big-Headed Anna Fears the Parish Sheriff Coming for Her Make-Believe Baby“:

These flashes originally appeared in SC 5.1. Get the print mag here, download, and subscribe! Readers, remember, to read and read on.

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Stephanie Dickinson: three flashes

Pumped from the archive like cold aquifer water, we’re happy to serve three flashes by Stephanie Dickinson: “Emily and the Hobo,” “Emily and the Mule Man,” and “Emily and the Scarlet Fever Deity.”

Stephanie Dickinson - three flashes [sample]

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These flash pieces first appeared in Storm Cellar 3.2 — download the whole issue here, or purchase the thoroughly refreshing print edition. Subscribers see it all firsties. Read on!