Michael Chaney: Fur Pockets

Sometimes everything goes wrong in the right sort of way, the busted pieces too magic to tidy up properly. Michael Chaney’s flash fiction “Fur Pockets” [pdf] might fit that description, all sinister gloves and tangerine peels in the pockets of a lab coat.

Once, after the mouse exploded the cat’s eyeballs and fricasseed its tail on a spit in hell, cartoons moralized senselessly. Orco was wrong because he lied says He-Man. Look both ways before you cross says the marine toting an unmounted M-60 machine gun. They wanted us clean.

So different from those hippies in the painted van who never went to school, changed clothes, or said boo about a parent, who chased that gigantic wraith throughout the castle thinking their dog could talk and Velma ordinary. She discovers the wraith inside.…[keep reading]

Get the issue here as an ebook or lovely 100pp. softcover — or both! Read on.

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