Suphil Lee Park – Heartland

Here’s a palpitating flash fiction that earned an honorable mention in our 2020 contest, Suphil Lee Park’s “Heartland,” about which best to go in with a sunny disposition. [CW discussion of suicide]

This flash originally appeared in SC #9.1, available in print and ebook formats in our store.

Amy M. Alvarez: Sometimes

Today’s share, Reader, draws a line between the past and the present, from the past to the present, between the outside and inside. Here’s Amy M. Alvarez’s [>>] “Sometimes“:

This poem originally appeared in SC #8.1, available in print and ebook formats at our storeRead on!

Albert Lee: 拾肆個問題 (14 Problems)

The leaves are all down and the family is zipping words back and forth in the darkling air, Reader, so we share with you today Albert Lee’s [>>] exercising poem “拾肆個問題“:

This poem first appeared in SC 7.2, available in our shop as an ebookRead on!

Kimberly Ann: Theodicy

Added to the archive today, Kimberly Ann’s poem “Theodicy,” dips into a rough, raw subject, but so jagged it catches every edge just right:

This poem originally appeared in SC 5.1, available in print and ebook forms at our storeSubscribe for more great flash delivered directly 2.5 times per year. Read on!

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